When discussing 'ridiculous' stereotypes about height difference, the 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' actor insists that his girlfriend is 'not that much taller' as they only differ 'an inch or two.'

AceShowbiz - Tom Holland has pointed out that he doesn't see any problem with his and Zendaya Coleman's height difference. In a new interview, the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" actor slammed "stupid assumption" claiming that men should be taller than their partners.

In the Friday, December 10 episode of SiriusXM Town Hall, the "Cherry" actor talked about the "ridiculous" societal expectations placed on straight relationships with his girlfriend and their co-star Jacob Batalon. As host Jessica Shaw began asking the couple about their visible height difference during their onscreen kiss in "Spider-Man: Far From Home", the Spider Man depicter in MCU insisted, "Not that much taller."

"Let's put this out there. Maybe like an inch or two at best," Tom explained further. The "Chaos Walking" actor added, "It's not like, people say like, 'How did you guys kiss? It must have been so difficult.' "

After Jessica clarified that she viewed height constraints on women and men as "misogynistic" and "problematic," Zendaya and Tom agreed. Tom went on calling it a "stupid assumption" that it would even be an issue.

"This is normal too," Zendaya added. The actress portraying Chani in "Dune" shared, "My mom is taller than my dad. My mom's taller than everyone." Tom then chimed in, noting that height stereotypes were "ridiculous."

Tom said, "I remember when we were doing the 'Spider-Man' screen tests...but every girl that we tested for both roles was taller than me." The 25-year-old star added, "I wonder whether that was a decision [director Jon Watts] had made. There was no one that tested that was shorter than I was."

"To be fair, I am quite short," Tom continued. The British actor elaborated, "So maybe that was a decision Jon Watts made and something he was aware of and wanted to break the stereotype. I think it's great." Jacob, who plays Ned Leeds in "Spider-Man", added, "It's not a weird thing for women to be tall."

Zendaya added that MJ and Peter's kiss is a "nice sweet moment between them" and shared how unnecessary it is to try to "cheat" the height difference onscreen. "Often, having to cheat it and pretend like...why not just let it be?" the "Euphoria" star explained.

"It just sucks that it has to be a conversation," Jacob added. "Like it can't just be normal." Zendaya also said she "honestly never thought of it as a thing because my parents were always that way, so I didn't know that people cared."

The chatter about their height difference sparked after Zendaya and Tom adorably addressed their height difference during an interview on "The Graham Norton Show" on December 3. At the time, the stars shared a hilarious story about a failed stunt due to their heights.

"He's supposed to gently, you know, rest MJ on the bridge and walk away from her," Zendaya, who is two inches taller than Tom, shared. "Because of our height difference, I obviously would land before him because my feet obviously hit the ground before he does." Tom went on to add, "So Zendaya would land and I'm the superhero, I'm supposed to look cool."

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