Azealia Banks Called 'Rude' for Mocking Comedian Eric Andre's Parents

The 'Black Madonna' raptress insinuates that she thinks the 'Eric Andre Show' host's mother looks like a man after he posts a throwback picture of his parents.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks is no stranger to controversial thoughts and she never tries to hide them. Now, she has landed in hot water over her comment on Eric Andre's parents, which some have found disrespectful.

Azealia made the shocking remark after the comedian shared a throwback picture of his parents in honor of them. In the image, the couple looked in love as they sat together and placed their heads close to each other's.

In the caption, Eric simply wrote, "Mom and dad 50 years ago." But Azealia had a question and she did not hold back as she wrote in the comments section, "Whos the mom and whos the dad I'm lost …," insinuating that she thinks Eric's mom looks like a man.

Azealia was soon dragged by some social media users, with one calling her "rude." The said person remarked, "That's just rude." Another advised the Harlem rapper, "She needs to learn inside thoughts."

"You don't talk about people parents," another pointed out the problem. A fourth cautioned Azealia of Eric's possible clapback, "Now when he get on her she gone be mad." Someone else echoed as saying, "Now when he drag her she BET NOT cry! I'on wanna hear nothing about 'hating black women.' "

There were others, however, who shared the same thought with Azealia. "We were all thinking it," one person claimed. Another admitted, "I mean that's rude but yeah lol." Agreeing, one other added, "I mean… it's a fair question…"

"I meannn y'all can't sit & say y'all wasn't thinking the same s**t," someone argued. Another said, "I'm with her." Believing that the 30-year-old should not be apologetic, one other wrote, "She asked what I was thinking sorry."

Eric has not responded to Azealia's comment about his parents.

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