The singer-turned-professional swimmer launches a rant about 'certain ridiculous laws and rules' as his home country imposes travel restrictions due to concerns over Omicron variant.

AceShowbiz - Cody Simpson has gone on a bizarre rant about "tyrannical and fear mongering crap" in a new Instagram post.

The singer took to his Stories in a bid to urge fans to "stand up to oppression and authoritarianism," in what appears to be a response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the current political climate in Australia.

"Don't believe or buy into this tyrannical and fear mongering crap. Stand up to oppression and authoritarianism. Life is not as chaotic as the news would like you to believe. Drama sells newspapers," he penned.

"I really don't consider myself a member of this strange, backwards society but due to the decades of this gradually established order, and these societal power structures and government systems now arranged and cemented, I have no choice but to abide by certain ridiculous laws and rules in order to remain a 'free' citizen and not get locked in prison or unable to make a living or pursue my goals for not 'playing the game.' "

He added, "Most of us with any heightened awareness can smell bulls**t. All we want is some truth. As soon as things calm down, something new to be afraid of is introduced! A fearful public is a controllable public in my eyes."

Simpson, who previously dated Miley Cyrus, previously criticised lockdowns amid the pandemic and urged fans to, "Turn off the news and go outside."

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