Anya Taylor-Joy Comes Clean About Her Jell-O Wrestling in A Tigger Onesie

When appearing at 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', the leading lady of 'The Queen's Gambit' reveals the rule that has her doing something 'ridiculous' after going through something that is scary.

AceShowbiz - Anya Taylor-Joy lets off steam after "frightening" award shows by doing something "ridiculous" and posting footage online.

After the 2021 Emmy Awards, "The Queen's Gambit" star uploaded a photo of herself Jell-O wrestling in a Tigger onesie at a friend's house, and she insists fans and followers can expect more silliness after major red carpet events.

"Award shows are frightening, they're really really wonderful, but it's just not really what I do every day, so I've made a rule that whenever I do something that's scary, I get to do something ridiculous that I've always wanted to do," she told "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". "So out of the couture gown and into the Tigger onesie is the rule of thumb now."

When host Ellen DeGeneres pointed out "that's a lot of Jell-O," the 25-year-old replied, "Yeah, cold and green, surprisingly hard, harder than I thought it was gonna be." She added, "It's very slippery and it's quite slow. It's almost like Tai chi. In my mind, I thought it was going to be very dynamic."

Asked to offer another example of "ridiculous" things she would do after completing scary task, the "Split" star spilled, "I really want to ride a mechanical bull." She explained, "I'm currently working in Savannah and they have a mechanical bull but I'm on night shoots and I'm just desperate to give it a go. I want it to be my party trick."

In a separate interview, Anya claimed to be "a real, real tomboy" growing up. Speaking to PEOPLE about her red carpet fashion, she admitted, "Clothes only entered into my hemisphere when I started working, so I've been getting the craziest fashion education."

The newest global fashion and makeup ambassador for Dior went on to acknowledge that fashion helps her come out of her shell. "I'm quite shy in real life. So having this really helps you kind of bring it up in the red carpet," she said.

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