Leigh-Anne Pinnock Seemingly Addresses Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj Feud in Emotional Birthday Speech

The Little Mix singer insists that everyone, who meets her, knows her 'f**king character' after being called out by the 'Super Bass' raptress for 'fake selective outrage' when defending the 'Boyz' singer amid blackfishing controversy.

AceShowbiz - Leigh-Anne Pinnock has seemingly addressed the drama between her, Jesy Nelson and Nicki Minaj on her birthday. The Little Mix singer broke down in tears when giving her emotional speech in defense of her "character."

"Bear with me as I'm a bit drunk. Firstly, I want to thank you guys for joining me tonight. Thank you," the birthday singer began her speech. "I'm 30 years old. I know my character, you know my character, anyone that meets me knows my f**king character and that's all I care about," she added, seemingly addressing Nicki, who called her out for "fake selective outrage" during an Instagram Live with Jesy.

Leigh-Anne went on saying, "I'm so proud of everything I've achieved." She also praised her fiance Andre Gray, "The most beautiful fiance, who I'm still obsessed with even after five years. I love you."

"And the two most beautiful, perfect f**king babies…everything I stand for, everything I'm fighting for, it's for them [the twins]. You best believe everything I f**king stand for, everything that I am fighting for, it's for them," Leigh-Anne continued. She then vowed, "I will never stop. I have found my voice now and I will continue to use it. Tonight we celebrate life, health, good friends and amazing family. I love you all."

Her fiance, Andre, then chimed in, "You can put this on Instagram or whatever and if you have anything to say, come and find me." Defending his fiancee, he added, "She's my baby mother, my wife. If you're going to try and disrespect my baby mother, my wife, my fiancee and my children, there's gonna be a problem."

"That's how it is. All I want to do is support you three," Andre went on saying. The 30-year-old Queens Park Rangers striker closed his speech, "Everyone in here knows their names. When they grow up, I hope they're just like you."

Leigh-Anne's response came after Nicki slammed her during an Instagram live session with Jesy. At the time, the "Super Bass" raptress alleged that Leigh-Anne had "selective outrage" over Jesy, who was accused of blackfishing in the music video for her debut solo single, "Boyz".

"One more thing, in my story, I just posted your friend, you under her pictures talking about 'werk?' " Nicki said in a video, referencing a comment Leigh-Anne left on Jesy's photos prior to the controversy. "Stop using this fake selective outrage when you guys have personal vendettas against people," the 38-year-old rapper added.

Elsewhere during the livestream, Nicki also attacked Leigh-Anne by saying that she's insecure and calling her "a jealous clown." Shortly afterwards, Leigh-Anne unfollowed the rapper on Instagram.

As for the blackfishing controversy, Jesy apologized for potentially offending anyone. "I personally want to say that my intention was never, ever to offend people of color with this video and my song because like I said, growing up as a young girl, this is the music that I listened to," she explained during the live session.

"These are the videos that I watched and thought were the best," Jesy continued defending herself. "For me personally, '90s R&B were the best years in music. I just wanted to celebrate that."

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