Coldplay Wrote Five James Bond Theme Songs, Chris Martin Spills

Having spent 20 years trying to make a decent track for a 007 flick, the 'Paradise' hitmaker shares his band's belief that their singing 'would do it' for the fictional spy.

AceShowbiz - Coldplay spent 20 years trying to write a decent James Bond theme. Frontman Chris Martin and his bandmates spent two decades attempting to pen a theme tune for a 007 flick, but the five songs they ended up with weren't "very good."

The "Paradise" hitmaker doesn't think the fictional spy - last portrayed by Daniel Craig in his final film "No Time to Die" - would be impressed with their efforts.

He told NME, "We kept trying to write one for 20 years, but never submitted them. We have Bond themes for about five movies, but they're not very good, to be honest."

"I don't know if we're spiritually on the same trip as James. As much as I like the films, I don't know if us singing would do it for him. He'd be like, 'That's not what I'm into at all, fellas. I like guns and s**t. All this hippie stuff just isn't going to work.' "

The Bond theme revelation came just days after Martin talked about the band's retirement plan. "I think that in a few albums time we will finish making albums," he spilled. "This is not a joke, this is true, I think after 12 that will be the end of our catalogue."

Though so, the 44-year-old singer assured that he and bandmates Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion won't shy away from live shows. "But I think we will always want to play live together," he stated. "So, I think in the way that the Stones do, it will be so cool if we can still be touring in our late 70s."

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