Jason Isaacs Likens Wearing 'Star Trek: Discovery' Costume to Being in Vacuumed Sausage Skin
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Starring as Captain Gabriel Lorca in the Paramount Plus series, the 'Harry Potter' actor admits that he was miserable in his skin-tight outfit that left nothing to the imagination.

AceShowbiz - Jason Isaacs' "Star Trek: Discovery" costume was so painfully tight, it left him feeling like a "vacuumed" sausage.

The British actor, who is best known for playing villain Lucius Malfoy in the "Harry Potter" films, starred as Captain Gabriel Lorca in the Paramount+ series and was miserable in his skin-tight outfit.

"[It was like being] inside a vacuumed sausage skin. It wasn't so much that they were uncomfortable, it was just that I prefer my testicles down somewhere near my groin and not my throat," he quipped to Page Six at the premiere of his new movie, "Mass".

He went on to reveal that whenever he lifted his arms up, the costume left nothing to the imagination.

"It was quite a display that they hadn't planned for. Far be it from me to give away any secrets. I've signed an NDA [non-disclosure agreement] about any groin discussions."

In the interview, Jason also talked about his newest movie "Mass". "It's a story about trying to make human connections across division," he explained, "and how blame and hate destroy the people who are blaming and hating. And I don't think there's a more important story to tell in today's world and it's also utterly gripping."

He shared that he read the script for the first time in a Starbucks and found himself sobbing. He then thought to himself, "If I don't do this, what's the point of being an actor?"

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