Katie Couric Calls Former 'Today' Co-Host Matt Lauer 'Decent' Man in Memoir
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The 64-year-old TV anchor also reveals that her 'heart sank' over Matt's sexual misconduct allegations in addition to telling him in a text that he always got her back.

AceShowbiz - Katie Couric talks about former "Today" co-host Matt Lauer in her new tell-all memoir "Going There". In the book, Katie insists that Matt is a "decent" man despite being fired from NBC due to several sexual misconduct allegatons.

According to manuscrip obtained by Daily Mail, Katie recalls texting Matt following the firing. "I am crushed," she told him. "I love you and care about you deeply. I am here. Please let me know if you want to talk. There will be better days ahead."

In the book, the 64-year-old TV anchor also reveals that her "heart sank" over the scandal in addition to telling him that he always got her back. Matt allegedly responded to her message with a blowing kiss emoji.

Katie also shares that despite the accusations against Matt, she still feels a huge empathy for Matt. She also claims that she's worried he was "sleepless, haggard, depressed, maybe worse" for losing both his job and his wife. It is also said that she feels "heartless to abandon him, someone who'd been by my side, literally, for so many years."

Katie adds that while Matt "taking advantage" of young women was "gross," she notes that as an industry standard, "the general rule at that time was: it's none of your business." She then recalls when she started her media career in 1979, saying that "fraternization existed and was going on unabated, where people were having relationships with other people within the business."

In the book, Katie also disses a number of famous people including Martha Stewart and Prince Harry. Of the businesswoman, Katie says that she requires "some healthy humbling (prison will do that... ) to develop a sense of humor," referring to the 80-year-old's incarceration back in 2004.

As for the Duke of Sussex, Katie claims that the royal smelled like cigarettes and alcohol during their first meeting at a polo match in Brazil. She adds that the scents "ooze from every pore" of his body.

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