Reef Call Collaboration With Duran Duran Guitarist for New Album 'A Win Win'

Bassist Jack Bessant claims in a new interview that their collaboration came to be because the band's frontman Gary Stringer sang on Andy Taylor's solo album.

AceShowbiz - British band Reef have signed up former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor for their new album.

Andy - who left his iconic 1980s band in 2006 - toured with the "Naked" hitmakers over the 2021 summer and now they have taken their collaboration a step further.

Reef bassist Jack Bessant tells the Daily Star, "It's exciting. We've written an album with Andy and it came about because Gary [Stringer] sang on Andy's solo album, which is going to come out at some point."

"From being a four-piece band it's lovely having the sonics of two guitars. Andy is perhaps more of a Slash [Guns N' Roses guitarist] or [AC/DC's] Angus Young in style."

"The thing is a couple of tracks on the new record have that funk spirit too and Andy has that in him as well from his Duran days. It's a win win."

Jack insists Andy, who lived a luxury lifestyle with the "Save a Prayer" hitmakers, has been more than happy to slum it on the road with the low-key rockers, and entertains them with "crazy stories" from his pop star past.

"Andy is mucking with us, which is sweet really," Jack adds. "I think he's just digging playing loud, raw electric guitars. Andy will tell us some crazy stories now and then we go, 'Oh my God.' "

Reef, on the other hand, has another link to more rock royalty. Their guitarist, Jesse Wood, is the husband of presenter Fearne Cotton and son of legendary The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. Jesse joined the band in 2014 to replace the group’s original guitarist Kenwyn House.

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