The actor-turned-venture capitalist has become the subject of mockery by the crowd during a live television appearance at the ESPN college football game in Iowa.

AceShowbiz - Ashton Kutcher was trolled during a live TV appearance on ESPN's College Game Day on Saturday (11Sep21) - football fans chanted "take a shower" as he backed his alma mater, the University of Iowa, to beat rivals Iowa State.

The crowd outside Iowa State University's Jack Trice Stadium were far from happy with the actor's obvious pick and poked fun at his recent admission that he and his family don't bathe regularly.

Last month (Aug21), pal Kristen Bell revealed Ashton and his wife Mila Kunis were joking when they made the remarks about their hygiene habits during an appearance on her husband Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast.

The couple revealed back in July they didn't wash their kids daily and only made them shower if they looked dirty. The comments sparked an international debate about kids and cleanliness.

Kutcher had the last laugh - just as he predicted, the University of Iowa Hawkeyes won the big game.

During his appearance on the show, Ashton also promoted his new wine-based charity venture, Outside Wine, which he and Mila have created to boost funds for their favourite charities.

"The whole idea is, at the end of the day we can look at the data and alcohol at large causes a lot of problems in the world and we thought, 'How great would it be it we created a wine that could do some good in the world?' " he said.

"In the middle of quarantine during COVID, my wife and I launched a thing called Quarantine Wine and we actually ended up raising a million dollars we were able to give away to charities that help with recovery, and we thought, 'Why not continue that?' And we created this new thing at and every bottle of wine that people buy, drink, it goes to charity and as you drink the wine there's a cool sort of reveal as to which charity it goes to."

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