Beyonce 'Disappointed and Angry' After Wearing Tiffany Blood Diamond Without Being Told Its History

The 'Single Ladies' hitmaker, who has drawn backlash for modeling the diamond with husband Jay Z in a Tiffany and Co.'s ad, reportedly is 'aware of the criticism.'

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles wished Tiffany & Co. had told her about the history of its blood diamond. Having sparked backlash for unknowingly modeling the $30 million jewelry with her husband Jay-Z, the "Single Ladies" hitmaker is reportedly "disappointed and angry."

"Beyonce is aware of the criticism and is disappointed and angry that she wasn't made aware of questions about its history," a source told The Sun. "She thought that every final detail had been vetted, but now she realises that the diamond itself was overlooked."

The 128.54-carat yellow gem was discovered in 1877 in Kimberley, South Africa, where black laborers were forced to work under British colonial rule. Upon learning its origin, many internet users put Beyonce on blast.

"I feel like Tiffany & Co. wanted beyonce/Jay z for the basquiate ad so they could frame the public discourse," one person argued on Twitter. "Truly brilliant move bc now everyones defending blood diamonds and capitalism in the name of our cultures black icons which makes no sense but here we are."

"We in a global pandemic but certain brands JUST now thinking about including BW in their visual representations of capitalism and blood diamonds LOL," another individual tweeted. "Can someone tell @TiffanyAndCo to read the room or nah?"

While Beyonce has yet to respond to the backlash, her mom Tina Lawson already came to her defense. "How many of you socially conscious activist own diamonds ? I thought so ! Well guess what did you go to try to check to see where the diamond came from? Probably not !" Tina commented on The Grio's Instagram post rounding up some of the critiques.

"So when you guys get engaged you won't have a diamond you gonna put on a sterling silver band," the 67-year-old further stressed. "And you better check out where it came from and the origin of where came from and why you add it check out the calls for the Leather that you weird because they made it came from another country to to ban and not buy diamonds right because your righteous !!"

Beyonce is the fourth person and the first black woman to wear the priceless diamond. It was previously worn by Mary Whitehouse, Audrey Hepburn and Lady GaGa.

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