Alyssa Milano Gets Into Car Accident, Performs CPR After Uncle Passes Out Behind the Wheel

The former 'Melrose Place' star was a passenger in a Ford Edge driven by her uncle Mitch, who then appeared to suffer a heart attack, causing the car to hit another vehicle.

AceShowbiz - Alyssa Milano might have saved her uncle's life after a car accident which could've turned out worse. The actress and her uncle got into the scary situation on early Tuesday morning, August 17 in Los Angeles.

The Phoebe Halliwell of "Charmed" was sitting in the passenger seat when her uncle Mitch, who drove a Ford Edge, suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel. Mitch fell unconscious as he appeared to have a heart attack.

This caused the SUV to drift to another lane and hit another vehicle. Thanks to Alyssa's quick thinking, it came to a stop. According to TMZ, while her uncle passed out, she quickly reached over him and used her hand to slam the brakes to stop the car.

Alyssa even performed CPR on her uncle until first responders took over. According to the California Highway Patrol's press release, two Los Angeles Police Department units arrived at the scene. Mitch was later transported to the hospital, while the 48-year-old actress was picked up by her husband, David Bugliari.

The press release also noted that two Good Samaritans stopped to help. "With the assistance of a good Samaritan, they were able to bring the Ford to a stop in between the #1 and #2 lane," it stated.

Alyssa's camp tells TMZ that she's grateful for everyone who aided her uncle, including first responders and hospital staff. The actress herself was seemingly not seriously injured in the accident as she was able to tweet later on Tuesday night.

Alyssa Milano's Tweet

Alyssa Milano tweeted after involved in a car accident with her uncle.

The "Melrose Place" alum took the opportunity to remind people to protect each other by any means necessary, while not directly addressing the car accident. "We should all take every opportunity we have to protect the people we love. Get vaccinated. Wear masks. Lock up your guns. Learn CPR. Small, common-sense actions," so she posted on her Twitter page. She added, "It's not hard to take care of each other, but it is important."

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