'Mob Wives' Star Renee Graziano Allegedly Caught Doing Coke

Fans believe the reality TV star accidently exposes herself taking the hard drug in a new selfie, more than three years after she entered rehab for substance abuse issues and depression.

AceShowbiz - Has Renee Graziano relapsed on her journey to sobriety? The reality TV star, who is known for starring on "Mob Wives" and "Celebrity Big Brother", has allegedly been caught doing cocaine in a new selfie which she recently posted on her social media page.

In the image, the raven beauty posed in the bathroom with a female pal. While the camera focused on her and her friend behind her, it also captured a white paper with a white substance on it next to the washbasin. Upon close inspection, fans concluded that the substance on the paper was coke.

"Lmfaoooooooo not the bugger sugaaa," one person light-heartedly said of the suspicious powder. Another advised her, "I love Renee but she gotta stop with the coke and these middle school edit apps." A concerned person said, "She relapsed. I hope she can get the help she needs."

Some others were not surprised by the alleged revelation. "I thought people could tell from the show she do cocaine," one remarked. Another claimed, "That's not a surprise. Italians love cocaine."

Echoing the sentiment, one other said, "Well duh y'all be acting so surprised. If regular working ppl do coke tf y'all think rich ppl & celebrities be on???" Someone else told the naysayers to mind their own business, "Both of them grown let them sniff in peace."

It's no secret that Renee has struggled with drug abuse issues for years. Back in 2017, he entered a treatment facility in Florida to seek treatment for her drug addiction and depression.

"When I've gone to rehab, it's been because I would get high to not feel, to suppress my feelings and get out of my own head," she opened up to RadarOnline.com in May 2018. "It has never been about partying, it's been more about trying not to feel all of the physical and emotional pain from the abuse I've suffered." Admitting she was "grateful" to be "clean and sober," the 48-year-old added, "I take it one day at a time."

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