'South Park' New Movie in the Works as Part Billion-Dollar Deal With ViacomCBS
Comedy Central

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who created Comedy Central's adult animated sitcom, have reportedly signed a major deal that include a new big screen adaptation of the TV show.

AceShowbiz - The creators of "South Park" have signed a new deal with ViacomCBS bosses, worth almost $1 billion, to expand their cartoon world.

One of the most lucrative in TV history, the new $900 million (£647 million) deal will last over six years and include the series and a second "South Park" movie, according to Bloomberg.

There are also tie-ins to ViacomCBS' new streaming service, Paramount+.

Insiders claim creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been working on a "South Park" film for some time, and it is expected to be released on the streaming platform before the end of the year.

It will serve as the follow-up to the pair's 1999 movie "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut".

"We did a South Park movie in 1999, and we've never done another one because the show has been so satisfying," Stone told Bloomberg. "Now we're older, and the idea of what streaming movies can be is pretty promising."

As part of their new deal, Parker and Stone will also create six more seasons of "South Park" and a total of 14 films.

Stone and Parker plan to use the money from their deal to create a documentary series and a marijuana label, along with a "South Park" video game, according to reports.

"South Park pays the bills and then some," Stone added. "Trey and I have used that to pay for other stuff we want to do."

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