Fetty Wap and Olivia Rodrigo Comparison Sparks Debate on Internet

Comparing the pair, a music fan writes on Twitter, 'Who had the more dominant debut year?' while attaching the pictures of the 'Drivers License' singer and the 'Trap Queen' rapper.

AceShowbiz - Olivia Rodrigo undeniably has become a pop sensation following the release of her debut album "Sour". As the set continues to dominate the charts, it prompts one particular Twitter user to think that her success is similar to what happened when Fetty Wap released his debut album.

Comparing the pair, the fan wrote on the blue bird app, "Who had the more dominant debut year?" The person also attached pictures of the two musicians. It didn't take long before the tweet blew up as it garnered almost 500 retweets, 9000 quote tweets and more than 10,000 likes as of now.

Some fans thought that Fetty's "Trap Queen" is too powerful that nothing could beat it. "i STILL hear his voice when my total comes out to be $17.38, so where do we go from here?" one person opined. "my school would play the explicit version of trap queen with no hesitation the only song they did it for," another fan added.

"Fetty Wap had 10 year olds shouting '1738' without any reason," added another person, while someone else joked, "Fetty Wap, [Stephen Curry] and ISIS literally ran the world in 2015."

Another fan noted, "Fetty Wap had 5 hit singles dominating mainstream hip hop simultaneously and even one of them is certified diamond. This shouldn't be up for debate." One other user wrote, "Drake dropped two classic albums in 2015 and Fetty Wap still ran s**t that whole year. That's your answer."

Emphasizing that they were not comparable, another fan said, "Fetty Wap can make Driver's License but Olivia can never make Trap Queen." Agreeing with others, a person added, "If fetty wap had the marketing budget and industry push that Olivia does we woulda changed the national anthem to trap queen."

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