Queen Naija Trolled for Defending Her Decision to Get Brazilian Butt Lift

The 'Pack Lite' songstress finds herself being dragged by many Twitter users after she fires back at a 'shallow' hater criticizing her for going under the knife.

AceShowbiz - Queen Naija's attempt to defend herself from a troll has backfired. After she clapped back at a critic slamming her for getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, the "Pack Lite" singer found herself being dragged further by other internet users.

On Tuesday, July 20, the 25-year-old star noticed one Twitter user who insinuated she doesn't love herself because she underwent cosmetic surgery. "Will never get over how @queennaija was telling mfs to love themselves how they are and then got a BBL," the individual mocked. "like OKAY MISS MAMAS."

Getting annoyed by the tweet, Naija was quick to fire back, "The song was speaking to myself. The song was about not letting a man stop you from knowing your worth and being you." She then clarified, "It had nothing to do with whether I decided to get a BBL or not, but I guess you're just a little too shallow to understand."

Naija's post, however, brought her to the worse place as more people came to blast her. One in particular argued, "Lmfaooo the fact that bbl isn't self love it's just u subconsciously wanting to be accepted and attractive in others eyes it's not self love it's about the bigger acceptance y'all think it's self love cuz it make u feel better about your self knowing ur eye candy without a mirror."

"It does seem contradictory," another person added. "You speaking of loving yourself and knowing your worth but made alterations to your body even though you had an a**... it gives body dysmorphia."

Naija, who has been open about her plastic surgery, is no stranger to being a target of online haters. In April, she lashed out at body-shamers on the blue-bird platform. "Lol, y'all body shame people for being fat, y'all body shame skinny people, y'all body shame mom bodies, and surgery bodies," she fumed. "As long as I love my body and my n***a love it, I'm good [love] I'm sexy & I know it."

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