Tamra Judge Feels 'Health Improvements' Post-Breast Implants Removal Surgery

The former star of 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' reveals that she wakes up with 'rosy cheeks, no sinus congestion and happy thoughts' after removing her implants that caused illness.

AceShowbiz - Tamra Judge has offered an update after going under the knife to remove her breast implants which caused her to develop breast implant illness (BII). In a new social media post, the former star of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" revealed she already felt "health improvements" post-surgery.

The 53-year-old reality star announced via Instagram on Tuesday, July 19 that she had her breast implants removed after she suffered from BII. "Implants & capsules removed," she opened up. She then explained further, "Feeling tired & a little sore as expected. I'm pretty sure Not working out will be the hardest part for me . I know it sounds crazy but I woke up today with rosy cheeks , No sinus congestion and happy thoughts. I'm hoping I will continue to see health improvements as the weeks go on."

"I Just got home from my check up with @dr_ambe and every thing looks great. ( Disclaimer- although I do have a good amount of breast tissue , what you're seeing is swelling, two layer padded bra and gauze)," Tamra shared. She went on to add, "I'm excited to be sharing my BII journey with you in September… stay tuned for more info. Thank you @carolinecmathias @kaylaraereid @leftunsupervisedpodcast and everyone that reached out sharing their BII stories with me [love]."

In the post, Tamra could be seen posing for a mirror selfie while wearing a zipper support pink bra with gauze and drains peeping out from the bottom of the bra. The mother of four also sported matching pink sweats.

Back in June, Tamra announced that she would be getting her breast implants removed due to "autoimmune issues." At the time, the gym owner wrote, "Bye bye bye boobies," over a topless snap of herself, which was taken at her pre-op appointment. At the time, she also revealed that she decided to get the surgery because she was "tired of being tired and inflamed."

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