Swavy's Family Demands Apology From Wendy Williams Following Insensitive Reporting

Prior to this, a family member of the late TikTok star also bashed the TV personality online, writing on Instagram, 'You should be disgusted with yourself.'

AceShowbiz - Family members of TikTok star Swavy, who was murdered earlier this month, have reacted to Wendy Williams' reporting of their son's death on her talk show which many deemed disrespectful. Speaking to TMZ, his mom and older sibling, Chanell Clark and Rahkim Clark, slammed the famed TV host.

"Wendy has always been a messy person," Swavy's brother said of the 56-year-old TV personality. As he noted that Wendy's life consists of reporting gossip and stories, Rahkim added, "But this is not just any other story. That's not a highlight. This is not a hot topic. This is our real life, like we're dealing with this reality."

He continued, "So for her to speak on the events around my brother's death and even before she reached out to our family, she didn't send condolences. She didn't even have.. she didn't report the right story. It's just one thing to take public knowledge and to put it out there. But you give a false narrative. You get a false story. You painted him as a thug, as a drug dealer... and that wasn't the type of person that he was. Like I said again, as a black woman and as a black mother, you didn't have any empathy at all." Rahkim also shared that he's "so angry" and "so upset."

As for Swavy's mom, she said that she's currently trying to stay strong for her late son but Wendy made it hard. "As a mother, how do you put a child out there like that? Nobody knew him like that," she said. "I mean he was popular online, but like he was going to spread his wings by himself. My son shouldn't have been shot down in the streets like that for somebody to recognize who he is. He was already getting recognization." His mom then added, "I deserve an apology. ... I'm so pissed off because you did him like that. I'm looking for an apology."

Prior to this, a family member also bashed Wendy online. "You should be disgusted with yourself," the family member wrote. "You couldn't even remember my little [brother's] name. You seen he was trending and used his name for clout. Everybody already talking about him and you made it even [worse] by putting out a false narrative. My mom can't even mourn because everybody being so disrespectful about her child. It's sad that you have to worry about getting a lawyer when she [hasn't] even buried my brother yet. Ya'll so insensitive."

Another family member, meanwhile, asked the show to be canceled. "If ya'll could help that would be nice but [The Wendy Williams Show] to be cancelled," the person said. "After mocking the death of Swavy her show must not go on due to the disrespect of her and her audience."

Wendy sparked outrage after she reported Swavy's death in a way that many dubbed insensiive. Before talking about the matter, Wendy asked her studio audience to "clap" if they knew who Swavy was. As only a few of them clapped, the famed host then asked her employees if they were familiar with the TikTok star and they were not. Wendy later noted that the 19-year-old had 2.5 million followers on TikTok and had more followers than her on Instagram.

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