In a new interview, the leading man of the 'Harry Potter' film franchise reveals that his assistant, Sam, has been trying to get him into the game for years.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Radcliffe has started travelling everywhere with a chess set after falling in love with the game during COVID.

The "Harry Potter" star's assistant, Sam, has been trying to get him into chess for years, and although Daniel insists he's not very good, he wants to get better.

Radcliffe married his passions for chess and Lego for a recent work trip to the Dominican Republic, by taking a set he had to assemble when he got to his hotel room - and now he's playing every day.

"I'm not good at chess," he tells "Live with Kelly & Ryan". "I am playing with one of my best friends, who is also my assistant..., and he is very good at chess and has tried to get me into it for years, and this year I finally cracked. I'm very into it, but I'm also very bad at it. It's a lot of losing, but that's all part of the process."

Meanwhile, the actor is stunned to discover fans have been trying to remake the chess scene from the first movie of the hit film series.

"I still haven't actually seen any of them, but apparently recreating Harry Potter scenes has become, like, a thing on TikTok, and that seems like the hardest scene to recreate," he adds. "I'm assuming they're talking about the one with the giant chess pieces... It's very ambitious."

In a separate interview, Daniel talked about his favorite "Harry Potter" scenes to film. "They let me do the craziest stunt I was ever able to do. It was like a 40 foot fall down on a roof. I was on a wire, but I was properly in free fall. It was only there to catch me at the end. And I was absolutely terrified," he recalled as referring to "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

The 31-year-old actor continued telling Entertainment Tonight, "I worked a lot with the stunt department by then, and they were like, 'You can do this. Do you want to try it?' And I said yes. But then I got up there and was absolutely terrified." He added, "I've realized since that that was very special circumstances in that set and I will never be allowed to do something like that again."

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