Brooke Shields Admits Recovery Can Be 'Very Frustrating' as She Suffers Another Setback

The 'Blue Lagoon' actress reveals that she hits 'another plateau' amid her slow recovery as she undergoes physical therapy following an accident that left her with a broken femur.

AceShowbiz - Brooke Shields has hit "another plateau" in her recovery from a broken femur.

The actress has been learning to walk again after falling off a balance board at a New York gym in January (21), and her injury went from bad to worse when she developed a very serious staph infection after undergoing two surgeries to insert metal rods and plates.

Now, Brooke admits she has hit yet another roadblock in her journey to full health.

She said, "I'm on another plateau. I'm now with no crutches and no cane, and I'm starting to work out again. But... there's bone soreness and there's a lot of weakness (in her leg)."

The "Blue Lagoon" star is currently going through physical therapy and it's been tough on her body. "I'm able to stand on that leg fully and balance, and I'm getting all of that back and just kinetically getting more connected again and re-educating all of my muscles to fire appropriately again," she shared.

"It's been a lot of work, though. You really have to do it every day and you have to have a mindset because it can be very frustrating."

And Brooke has learned to have more patience after discovering how slow her recovery process has been.

She told People magazine, "I now know that, OK, it's going to take a while for me to be able to fully be as strong as I used to be. But every day it's a little bit better and I'm beginning each day to start fresh."

However, Brooke recently expressed her gratitude to have survived her accident. "There's so many things that could've happened. I just feel so lucky to be alive," she said.

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