Cara Delevingne on Plastic Surgery: Young People Need to Know That Some Beauties Are Not Natural

The 'Suicide Squad' actress vows to be honest if she ever goes under the knife, 'I just think young girls and boys need to know that some things just aren't naturally obtainable.'

AceShowbiz - Cara Delevingne "can't wait" to have cosmetic surgery.

The 28-year-old model-and-actress is keen to have some surgical enhancements in the coming years, and promised that when she does go under the knife, she'll be open and honest about it as she feels it's "really important" for young people to know the truth.

Speaking on the "Make It Reign with Josh Smith" podcast, she said, "If I have work done, I'll talk about it. I find it really important for young girls, particularly at the moment, to have someone who would go and have something and then talk about it afterwards."

"It's as if it's frowned upon, because it comes from a place of deep insecurity. Ever since I was a kid I was like, 'I want to have a boob job. My boobs are uneven. I don't like my nose.' All these different things."

"I've got close to thinking about it but luckily in that moment I've gone, 'Well, if I was to do it I don't think I could be honest about it and then that would be a problem.' "

"I just think young girls and boys need to know that some things just aren't naturally obtainable. Which is fine, that's modern science, that's OK. What makes it sad is people don't talk about it."

However, Cara admitted that her acting career - which has seen her take on roles in movies such as "Suicide Squad" and TV shows such as "Carnival Row" - means she's unsure when she will have the opportunity to have plastic surgery.

"I can't wait to have something done but I don't know when that might be because I have to act," she mused. "The problem is I can't not move my face because that's the only thing I have, to be able to move my face really weirdly and in different ways."

"I'd be worried I wouldn't be able to do that."

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