Jack Savoretti Credits Drunk DMs for John Oates Duet
Instagram/Chris Floyd

The 'Written in Scars' singer reveals how his collaboration with the Hall and Oates legend came about, claiming drunk text messages led to the duet project.

AceShowbiz - Singer Jack Savoretti slid into music icon John Oates' direct messages on Instagram early one morning to bag his latest collaboration.

The British star worked with the Hall & Oates legend on his new album "Europiana", out 25 June (21), which also features the track "Who's Hurting Who" with Chic legend Nile Rodgers.

Speaking to Britain's The Sun newspaper, the singer reveals their paths had first crossed after Jack covered the classic duo's "Rich Girl", which caught the eye of the man himself.

"I wrote to him on Instagram at three in the morning, saying, 'When are we going to work together?' I might have been a bit drunk," recalls Jack.

"John answered back, 'Anytime, buddy.' He gave me his number so I phoned him and now I'm thrilled to have him on the album."

And he admits having two major players in the music industry on his record was important as it "legitimises the whole concept of the album."

"The reason I wanted to work with those guys is because their music, from disco to yacht rock, revolutionised European music," he explains. "Without disco, we wouldn't have had the likes of ABBA, Julio Iglesias, Daft Punk, Phoenix, even Air."

"So I reached out to Nile, not only to make the record great but also because his blessing legitimises the whole concept of the album."

"Europiana" came three years after Jack Savoretti's studio album "Singing to Strangers", which topped albums chart in U.K. back in 2019.

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