The former contestant of 'Project Runway', meanwhile, insists that he tells the truth about the 'Chrissy's Court' star bullying him and slams her over her 'fake apology.'

AceShowbiz - John Legend has come to Chrissy Teigen's defense amid bullying accusations brought by Michael Costello. After the "Project Runway" alum unleashed alleged DMs from the "Chrissy's Court" star, the "All of Me" hitmaker accused him of "fabricating" the text messages.

The 42-year-old crooner defended his wife via Twitter on Friday, June 18. "Chrissy apologized for her public tweets, but after her apology, Mr Costello fabricated a DM exchange between them. This exchange was made up, completely fake, never happened," he insisted.

"Honestly I don't know why anyone would fake DMs to insert themselves in this narrative, but that's what happened," the father of two penned in another tweet. "I encourage everyone who breathlessly spread this lie to keep that same energy when they correct the record."

In the alleged DMs in question, Michael tried to offer clarifications about him calling someone with the N-word, insisting that it was a "photoshopped" comment from a former employee. Chrissy, however, responded to his text by writing, "Good luck with that lmao hope that your story keeps your already dead career going."

Hours later, Chrissy took to Instagram to defend herself. "No idea what the f**k michael costello is doing. He just released a statement where he didn't at ALL acknowledge how fake the dm's were, & now claims to have emails that don't exist. So while he conjures those up (hopefully with someone more talented in fakes this time), here," she raged.

Chrissy also attached a statement from her team that read, "Chrissy Teigen very clearly and contritely apologized for insensitive public tweets she made around a decade ago." It added, "She did not acknowledge or apologize for sending private messages directing or encouraging self harm."

"Chrissy is completely surprised and disappointed by Michael Costello's recent attack, which includes fictional 'screenshots' from 2014 of supposed private messages that Chrissy did not send," the statement continued. "In October 2014, she did post a comment on Mr. Costello's Instagram when he was publicly accused of making a racist remark. After he denied the accusation, and claimed it was based on a photoshopped comment, Chrissy deleted the comment."

Michael himself has reacted to Chrissy's recent post. He argued, "The fact that Chrissy Teigen and her crisis team are working so hard, so strategically to come out against the DM's she sent me, and to downplay the comments she publicly posted on my Instagram, only proves that she is the same bully she always has been, despite her fake apology to the public."

"I'll say this again, Chrissy Teigen has gone out of her way to close doors to my career by making calls, sending texts, telling colleagues and companies that if I were attached to a project that she would not work with them," the fashion designer further noted. "I have receipts of emails and confirmations from these individuals and companies."

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