Kelly Dodd Shares Braunwyn Windham-Burke's Texts, Blames Her for 'RHOC' Firing

As for Braunwyn, she reveals in a new interview that she holds no grudges towards Kelly despite the diss, saying, 'I give people second chances, 10th chances, 12th.'

AceShowbiz - Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke may not be returning to the next season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star, but fans seemingly will continue see them feuding online. Following their exit from the Bravo show, Braunwyn apparently texted her former co-star, prompting Kelly to call her out for making them being fired.

On Thursday, June 17, Kelly shared on her Instagram account screenshots of her text messages with Braunwyn whom she called "narcistic." In the images, Kelly could be seen blaming her former co-star for their departures after Braunwyn appeared to try comforting her. "This was your fault. We'd still be on the show if you didn't make things so dark and ugly and brought all that political 'woke' BS," Kelly wrote.

Kelly went on to attack Braunwyn, "Your lies about me, calling me a racist and a homophobe were horribly destructive and your phony storylines didn't help either." To that, Braunwyn responded, "Well I'm still sober and still gay, like I said if you ever want to talk I'm here."

Meanwhile, in the caption, Kelly penned, "I can't believe this Braunwyn has the audacity to text me !! She went on a podcast .. She said she was fired from the show because we all didn't like her because she's gay. Not because she's a horrible person. Not because she treated everyone like s**t and made no effort to be friends with us."

"Not because she went on a press tour and made horrible accusations about us calling all of us homophobes and racist, Not because she's a terrible mother. Not because she's a horrible person to her husband. The only reason she was fired is because she is gay. What a f**king nut job classic narcissist!" she added.

As for Braunwyn, she revealed that she held no grudges towards Kelly. "I meant it," Braunwyn said about her last line in the texts during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I give people second chances, 10th chances, 12th. That's who I am. I don't like to hold on to anger and hate. I'm not that person."

"A big part of my program is making amends, and moving on, and letting go. So I was just like, 'Hey, it's over, we're neighbors, what is, what is.' And then to see it back there, and it's like, 'your fake storylines.' I'm like, 'Still sober, still gay,' " she continued.

Kelly confirmed her exit from "RHOC" earlier this week, tweeting, "The last five years have been an amazing experience. The next five years will be even better. I am so grateful for all the love and support and so excited about the future #RHOC." As for Braunwyn, she said in a statement, "I'm incredibly sad to not be able to come back to 'The Real Housewives of Orange County' next year. I loved every moment of being a Housewife, and am so proud of my time on the show - the good, the bad, and the in-between. It feels revolutionary to say, but I was able to get sober and stay sober on reality TV."

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