NYC Mayor Blames the State for Legalizing E-Scooters After Lisa Banes Died in Hit-and-Run Accident

In the wake of the 'Gone Girl' actress' death, Bill de Blasio calls for more regulations of electric scooters and bikes in 'the most crowded place on earth or in the country.'

AceShowbiz - The Mayor of New York City believed that the higher-ups were responsible for Lisa Banes' death. One day after the "Gone Girl" actress passed away following a hit-and-run accident, Bill de Blasio pointed the finger at the state for legalizing e-scooters.

The 60-year-old spoke up about that matter during a press briefing on Tuesday, June 15. "[With] e-bikes and scooters I always offered what I thought was a common sense grassroots view that I heard from so many New Yorkers at town hall meetings," he began his explanation.

Bill went on to list safety concerns raised. "We were going to see more and more crowded streets, more and more crowded bike lanes, different types of vehicles going at different types of speed and that it is going to be difficult for pedestrians. I think these are real types of issues," he argued.

"So the state made the decision to legalize the bikes and e-scooters. We're in the process of working out those regulations," the politician added. "It's always going to be a combination of regulation, education, enforcement, and pushing really hard to get these pieces right to keep everyone safe."

"And if for some reason we need new laws or different regulations, we got to keep doing that, but it's a tough situation. It's the most crowded place on earth or in the country at least and we're throwing these new elements in, and we have to be really smart about it," he further stressed. "I think the answer is education, enforcement and continuing to refine the regulations to get everything right."

Bill's statements came just one day after Lisa died. She was hit by a scooter on June 4 when she was crossing a road on her way to meet wife Kathryn Kranhold for a dinner party. Although she was hospitalized, she couldn't recover from a traumatic brain injury.

Confirming Lisa's death was her representative. "We are heartsick over Lisa's tragic and senseless passing. She was a woman of great spirit, kindness and generosity and dedicated to her work, whether on stage or in front of a camera and even more so to her wife, family and friends. We were blessed to have had her in our lives," the rep said in a statement.

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