Wendy Williams Claims Jay-Z Had Sexual Relationship With Foxy Brown

In a new episode of her talk show, the controversial TV host also appears to make fun of Foxy's hearing loss as she hopes Foxy will release an audio version of her upcoming memoir.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams seemingly is ruffling Jay-Z's and Foxy Brown's feathers in a new episode of her talk show. In the Wednesday, June 16 episode of "The Wendy Williams Show", the controversial TV host discussed affair rumors about the husband of Beyonce Knowles and Foxy.

"Foxy Brown has a memoir coming out in December. You might not care… [The book] is calling up on the most controversial moments of her history and life and hip-hop and so on and so forth," Wendy said. "Kim [Osorio], please don't be weak with this writing. Please-if you're gonna tell it, tell it good."

"Foxy is very open about her life… but I remember, right, when Foxy and Jay-Z had 'I'll Be'," Wendy said of the rappers' 1996 classic. "Jay-Z was standing in the corner, ringing his hands talkin' about, 'Okay, what do I do next?' All that. This was allegedly a romantical thing."

The host continued, "It's alright...I'll say 'alleged,' we know, we know. Yeah, she hit it before Beyonce. Allegedly!"

Later in the episode, Wendy appeared to make fun of Foxy's hearing loss. "This is not necessarily a book that I would read, but this is a book that I would hear on tape," so she shared. "The thing is that Foxy can't do her book on tape [due to her hearing issues]. But get somebody to put this book on tape!"

Fans were not impressed with Wendy bringing up the rumors. "But why? Like... seriously the disrespect is so uncalled for," one person said in an Instagram comment. Another person wrote, "And he was with a lot of girls before Beyonce it's called 'dating' why is this news? They're married with kids now. Why does it matter? Wendy needs to chill."

Back in 2019, Dame Dash addressed Hov's alleged romantic relationship with Foxy when she was underage. "I wasn't paying attention to Foxy Brown … I didn't sign Foxy Brown," Dame told Nick Cannon in an interview. "It sounds like you have a question for Jay. Ask him... You keep asking me questions y'all want to ask him 'cause he ain't here. Ask him, I ain't got s**t to do with that and I don't even know nothing about that."

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