Raven-Symone Fasting for 14 Hours a Day During Weight Loss Journey

The former cast member of 'The Cosby Show' credits fasting for her stunning weight loss, explaining that she fasts for 14 hours between dinner and breakfast.

AceShowbiz - Actress Raven-Symone credits 14-hour fasts for her stunning weight loss, but insists giving up food isn't for everyone.

The former "The Cosby Show" star has shed 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) in three months and loves her new look, revealing it all comes from what she ate and didn't eat.

"I am low-carb, as much as I can be; I do minimal exercise, and I am an avid faster," she tells "Good Morning America".

"I make sure that I have a minimum 14-hour fast between dinner and breakfast... I drink a lot of water and I drink a lot of electrolytes and I have some bone broth now and then, depending on if it gets difficult."

But she urges fans and followers not to follow her lead, insisting her way of losing weight only works for her.

"I don't try to speak for anybody else," she adds.

And this time she's celebrating her weight loss, revealing she couldn't when she last dropped the pounds in 2011.

"The way people were treating me while I was bigger was emotionally damaging, so when I lost weight... In my head, I was cussing everyone out," she explains. "I was like, 'Wow, now you wanna look at me, because I'm skinny. Thanks.' "

"Every time I lost weight in the past it was about size... I wanna make sure that my body is healthy and prepared for old age."

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