Wendy Williams Asks Gary Owen Out for Dinner Amid His Divorce From Kenya Duke

Stopping by 'The Wendy Williams Show', the comedian also claps back at his estranged wife's claim that he's a deadbeat dad to their three children, insisting they're 'adults.'

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams is single and ready to mingle following her split from Mike Esterman. When Gary Owen, who is currently in divorce process with his estranged wife Kenya Duke, stopped by her show on Thursday, June 10, the TV personality didn't miss her chance to shoot her shot with the comedian.

"Do you have plans for dinner?" Wendy asked Gary in front of her audience, who responded with loud cheers. Seemingly stunned by the invite, the funnyman took a few seconds before replying to Wendy, "No, I don't have plans for dinner."

Making her intention clearer, Wendy asked her guest, "Would you like to have dinner?" She then tried to tempt her by describing a place she found which serves tasty foods, but Gary seemed hesitant to answer. When "The Wendy Williams Show" host thought it was a "no" from Gary, he explained that he refused to give the answer on air because he feared that media will twist the story.

Getting his point, Wendy then moved on with the next question regarding his new movie. In another part of the interview, though, Gary once again talked about his split from Kenya. "I'm not officially divorced," he clarified.

Wendy wanted to know about their kids, and Gary quickly said, "We have adults." He joked, "I just wanna make sure there's no child support." When the audience reacted in shock, he then took the chance to clap back at his estranged wife's claim that he's a deadbeat dad. "No, for real, 'cause it got out there that I'm a deadbeat dad, but our kids are adults," he said on the show.

When asked why the marriage didn't work out, Gary refused to answer. "I can't... I've been silent the whole time because social media is like a soap opera and I was a guest with the divorce. I don't plan on being a regular cast member," he explained.

The 46-year-old then added, "My lawyer doesn't want me to say anything. We got a lotta legal stuff we gotta go through." Hinting that there's going to be a shocking bombshell in the development of his divorce process, Gary teased, "But I will say, there's a big twist in my divorce that a lot of people don't know about. It's a doozy, but I can't speak on it yet. But it's big. It changed the whole dynamic of the divorce."

Calling his divorce a tragic ending to the marriage, Gary later joked how it's affected his relationship status. "I belong to the strreets," he declared.

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