Frank Sinatra's Manager Laughs Off Rumors Suggesting Late Singer Is Ronan Farrow's Father
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In new memoir 'Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours', Tony Oppedisano claims colostomy bag and hectic schedule hindered the 'My Way' hitmaker from having an affair with his ex-wife, Mia Farrow.

AceShowbiz - One of Frank Sinatra's closest friends has laughed off speculation suggesting Ol' Blue Eyes is Ronan Farrow's biological dad.

The "My Way" hitmaker's ex-wife, Mia Farrow, previously suggested the legendary crooner could "possibly" be her journalist son's biological father but Tony Oppedisano, who also served as the crooner's manager, has insisted the theory is virtually impossible.

In extracts from his new memoir, "Sinatra and Me: In the Wee Small Hours", published by People magazine, he wrote, "There's been a lot of gossip about Frank's possibly being Ronan's biological father. Rumors I believe I'm a position to tamp down."

Tony explained the former couple stayed friends long after their two-year marriage ended and he even arranged for a secret meet-up between the pair at New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel when Mia was going through a difficult time in her relationship with Woody Allen.

He recalled, "When she was beginning to have problems with Woody she was looking for some comfort and it was like two old friends catching up. She was devastated and he was there to support her."

Tony also insisted his pal's health issues would have made it virtually impossible for him to be Ronan's father as he "had to wear a colostomy bag until he fully recovered" from diverticulitis surgery in late 1986, and also suggested the singer's hectic schedule made a fling highly unlikely.

"There are only two ways Frank could have fathered Ronan, both absurd," he added. "Either Mia made a secret trip to shack up with Frank in his California home with [his fourth wife] Barbara present, or Frank, wearing his always romantic colostomy bag, made a quick trip to Connecticut between his Atlantic City performances."

And the writer insisted it would have been out of character for Frank to have ignored his responsibilities if he was Ronan's father. "If Ronan had been Frank's son, Frank would have acknowledged him," he said.

Ronan himself has branded the claims "ridiculous", stating, "I appreciate how hilarious it is. I mean, it's a ridiculous situation. That said, I'm pretty unfazed by it in substance, because it's been out there both publicly and privately for so long."

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