Russian Dolls Loved Challenges That Came With Joining 'The Masked Singer'

The contestants who dressed up as the Russian Dolls explain that Covid-19 pandemic that forced them to call off their tour was partly the reason why they decided to join 'The Masked Singer'.

AceShowbiz - [SPOILER ALERT!] Pop trio Hanson jumped at the opportunity to compete on "The Masked Singer" to give themselves a new creative challenge.

The "MMMBop" hitmakers were unveiled as the artists behind the Russian Doll costumes on Wednesday night's (12May21) episode of the hit U.S. singing show, on which celebrities wear elaborate disguises as they perform to throw off the panel of judges from correctly guessing their identities.

Siblings Taylor, Zac, and Isaac Hanson reveal they signed on to have a little fun amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis, which forced the stars to put their regular touring plans on hold.

"We really liked the idea of doing the show, in no small part because of the anonymity element of being able to be out there wearing a mask and just singing and having a good time with it," Isaac said, "and that guessing game of, 'Who is this? What are they doing? Wait, are they a band? Are they a vocal group? What are they?' Being able to play with people as much as possible with that was really fun."

They even tried to throw off judges like Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy by sometimes only having two Russian Dolls featured onstage, even though all three bandmates would still be present for the gigs.

"There were cases where there were two dolls on stage but we were all three still there," Zac revealed to Variety. "We would put two people in the big doll, which was very claustrophobic."

"We may be brothers but we don't really need to be brothers that know each other's smell!" laughed Isaac.

Participating in the weekly show would not have been possible under normal circumstances, as they spend so much time on the road, but performing on "The Masked Singer" gave the guys a new project to channel their creative juices into.

"We have been doing this for many years. We've had lots of challenges," added Taylor to

"We started an independent label. We've attended causes. We've started festivals. You're looking for new challenges and you're looking for things that get you to be creative. It's been such a crazy time."

He continued, "We love how positive the show is. It's celebrating different people, different backgrounds, doing something that we've known how to do since we were kids: singing. It was something that really put a bright spot into a time that a lot of people have been looking for something positive. It just really is a thing to connect with, and we were happy to be a part of it."

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