Josh Duggar to Be Released From Prison Despite Allegations of Him Possessing 65 Child Porn Pics

While he is not allowed to return to his family home, the former '19 Kids and Counting' star is reportedly granted unlimited contact with his six children as long as his wife Anna Duggar is present.

AceShowbiz - Josh Duggar won't spend time behind bars as he awaits trials in his child pornography case. Despite allegations of him possessing 65 child porn images, the "19 Kids and Counting" alum was said to have been granted bail and is set to be released from prison on Thursday, May 6.

In the Wednesday, May 5 court hearing, Arkansas Judge Christy Comstock ruled that the 33-year-old will be released with several conditions, one of which he can't return to his family home. "I will tell you that your own children, and your siblings, children, and your minor brothers and sisters, they're all part of the larger society that the court must consider in protecting from you," the judge said.

"I cannot in good conscience, send you home," Judge Christy continued. "There are six minor children that live in your house. There are other minor children, in and out of their grandparents' house on a regular basis. And I'm not going to return you there."

Though so, Josh reportedly has unlimited access with his six kids as long as wife Anna Duggar is present. Still, he is not allowed to be around any other children. Additionally, his travel is restricted as he cannot leave the Western District of Arkansas without permission from the court.

Upon his release, the reality star will be placed at home confinement at pastor LaCount Reiber and wife Maria Reiber's house. He also can leave the place just to go to see his family, go to church, employment, medical care and legal appointments under monitoring via GPS.

Josh, who was arrested on April 29, is prohibited to possess or view erotica of any kind at any time and cannot have electronic devices where he can access the internet. Furthermore, he cannot possess control substances, firearms and not obtain one. If he violates any of those conditions, he will face an additional prison sentence up to 10 years.

In the Wednesday hearing, Special Agent Gerald Faulkner from Homeland Security divulged what authorities found on Josh's electronics. "In May of 2019, [an Arkansas police officer] identified a computer participating in the known sharing of photos and videos of child pornography," Gerald first stated.

Gerald further claimed Josh had one two-minute clip on his computer of two underage females and a male who performed sexual acts on the children. 65 images of a female "consistent with child pornography" were also found on the latter's device.

Josh reportedly admitted he had a TOR browser on his computer, which he can use to access dark web anonymously. However, Gerald said there was "no evidence" the TV personality was the one that downloaded the TOR.

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