Justin Timberlake Raises Concern Over Plans to Build Byhalia Oil Pipeline in Memphis

Coinciding with Earth Day, the 'Suit and Tie' hitmaker tries to gather people's support in the fight against the building of the 49-mile pipe since it will place the world's cleanest drinking water at risk.

AceShowbiz - Justin Timberlake is using his huge social media platform for a positive purpose. Fighting against the plans to build Byhalia oil pipeline potentially in his hometown Memphis, the "Suit & Tie" hitmaker tried to raise people's awareness of the issue.

On Thursday, April 22, the 40-year-old took to Instagram to spread an informative video explaining why the pipeline would be bad for the city. In it, it was explained that the city sits on top of the Memphis Sand Aquifer, which supplies trillions of gallons of the world's finest drinking water to one million locals.

Along with the video made by digital creator Mikhaila Markham, Justin wrote a lengthy message. He began by pointing out, "Memphis is my hometown and I've always had a lot of pride in that... the people, the music, the food, and the culture."

The Grammy-winning singer then stressed the importance of saving the city. "But what most DON'T know about this city is that it that sits on top of some of the world's cleanest drinking water. It serves over a million local residents," he noted. "But now that drinking water is at risk because oil companies are planning to build the #ByhaliaPipeline."

"This pipeline will run through predominantly Black, low-income neighborhoods. This cannot happen," the former NSYNC member stressed. His statement reiterated what was shared in the video that the people living in the neighborhoods have long suffered from air and ground pollution.

Near the end of his powerful message, Justin tried to rally people to fight against the pipeline building. "Today, on #EarthDay, please consider what we are doing to the planet AND the people when we destroy sources of clean drinking water simply for the profit of two large companies," he stated. "Watch to learn more about this and please support the good people of Memphis, by signing the petition in my bio."

Memphis is also famous as the home of Elvis Presley. The 49-mile Byhalia Pipeline which is proposed by Valero Energy Corporation and Plains All American Pipeline could threaten the groundwater by connecting two crude oil pipelines to the Gulf Coast.

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