The 'Captain Marvel' actress is trying to get the 'Thor' star to get addicted to her favorite battle royale video game as she takes her fellow Marvel star under her wing during a Fortnite session.

AceShowbiz - Marvel stars Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson teamed up on YouTube on Thursday night (15Apr21) for a Fortnite tutorial.

"Captain Marvel" star Brie played mentor to Tessa after learning the Brit was not familiar with her favourite videogame.

"Tessa's first Victory Royale!" Larson captioned a video of the pair playing the game together. "Sending all my love to Tessa Thompson for taking over my Fortnite and helping me win. And hoping this little 'How To' gained me a new gaming friend?"

"We tamed wolves, had a few 'snacks' and got to explore this season's new map together."

On Instagram, Brie also gave Tessa a shout-out, "Wow, @tessamaethompson thanks for letting me scream gibberish in your ear for an hour while trying to get you addicted to @fortnite."

Tessa responded in kind on her own Instagram post, "Sometimes you need a distraction and when @brielarson offers to teach you how to play @fornite, you learn how to play! A little while back, she taught me how to tame a wolf and all the things. For your viewing pleasure, we recorded it."

The Valkyrie depicter claimed she hadn't played any video games since she was a kid while Brie was the opposite. She joked she'd lost a lot of her life to video game as she couldn't remember when her addiction began.

Brie then proceeded to explain what battle royale game was. She said, "We're gonna get dropped in with a hundred other humans in there and we'll all be in different avatar forms and we're fighting to be the final one to survive so it's kind of like a hunger games type situation."

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