Emma Corrin Admits She Has Secret Crush on Her Co-Star in 'The Crown'

The Princess Diana depicter reveals in a game of 'Never Have I Ever' that one of her castmates in the Netflix hit royal drama series had caught her eyes.

AceShowbiz - Actress Emma Corrin has confessed to harbouring a secret crush on one of her co-stars in "The Crown".

The Brit, who played Princess Diana on the royal drama, shared the gossip in a boozy game of "Never Have I Ever" for Wednesday's (14Apr21) "Vanity Fair Cocktail Hour, Live!" event, during which she revealed a "recent" castmate had caught her eye.

Asked if the show was in "the last three years," Emma confirmed the person of interest was on "The Crown" as she said, "Well, I've only been working for that long, so that kind of is."

Emma was taking part in the game alongside Jessica Alba and her pal, Kelly Sawyer, who asked if her TV husband Josh O'Connor, known for playing Prince Charles, was the person she had the crush on.

Kelly said, "Was it Prince Charles? That's what we're all wondering. That's what we all want to know, was it Prince Charles?"

"Actually no, it wasn't Prince Charles, no, which was probably for the best because that was a long shoot so that could have been excruciating!" Emma replied.

She stopped short of offering up any further details about her celebrity crush, but the remarks emerge shortly after Emma seemingly came out as "queer" after sharing some images from her Pop magazine feature, in which she was dressed up as a bride.

She captioned the images, "ur fave queer bride #POP44 OUT NOW... (sic)."

Emma appeared to confirm her sexuality in another round of the virtual "Never Have I Ever" game, admitting she had once kept a piece of clothing from a partner to sniff.

"She did know (I kept it), yes...," the actress shared. "I think I'm a very smell-oriented person, and I could do it with jumpers. Jumpers is a good one. Jumpers are sweaters. It's the most comforting thing you could hug."

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