Paula Abdul Calls Simon Cowell 'the STD' During 'American Idol' Return

The original female 'Idol' judge shocks host Ryan Seacrest when she gave the British music mogul an unflattering nickname during a video call with another former judge Randy Jackson.

AceShowbiz - Paula Abdul left American Idol host Ryan Seacrest lost for words on Monday night (12Apr21) when she referred to music mogul Simon Cowell as "the STD."

The "Straight Up" star returned to the panel of the U.S. TV show to stand in for regular judge Luke Bryan, who had tested positive for Covid-19. As they celebrated Paula's comeback, Ryan treated her to a video call with Randy Jackson - the third member of the panel when Simon and Paula acted as judges - when she made the comment about her former nemesis.

"It's so good to see you! We're all back, now we just need the STD," Paula quipped, after which followed an awkward silence when Seacrest appeared unsure of what to say.

She quickly realised she'd shocked with the remark and thought of an acronym - "the super, talented... debonair."

Ryan speedily moved the chat on as he said, "I think Paula is doing an amazing job, next to the amazing Katy and the amazing Lionel."

While Luke was absent from the programme on Monday night, fellow judge Katy Perry said she thought he would be back the week after as he's not too under the weather with the virus.

"He's totally good," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think he's gonna be alright. I think we'll be seeing him next week."

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