Azealia Banks Ignites Joe Budden Feud by Bringing Back His Disturbing Claims

While it remains to be seen why the 'Big Big Beat' raptress suddenly brings the matter up on Instagram Story, fans are baffled as one comments, 'If this true he's disturbing asf.'

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks apparently is no longer on good terms with Joe Budden. The outspoken rapper made use of her Instagram account to put "The Breakfast Club" host on blast as she brought back disturbing claims about him.

"Wasn't @thejoebuddenpod talking about he used to jerk his dogs off???" so "The Big Big Beat" raptress wrote to her followers on Wednesday, January 20. "Literally don't wanna hear s**t out of n****s mouth who still eats pork and plays with his dog's d**k."

While it remains to be seen why Azealia suddenly brought the matter up, fans were baffled. "If this true he's disturbing asf," someone commented on her post. "They played her new song last pod and said it was fire. What did they say now???" another person asked, wondering what made Azealia mad about him.

"She dragging it...he really didn't even say anything bad. She's just happy he sad anything at all on his podcast," another person opined. Meanwhile, someone alluded that Azealia wasn't any better than Joe considering her controversial video in which she boiled her dead cat. "Is eating pork supposed to be worse than boiling deceased cats on your kitchen stove in a chili pot?" the person noted.

Meanwhile, as disturbing as it is, Joe appeared to admit that he personally masturbated his dog. "Why do I always want to make the dog feel good by playing with their privates?" he said in one of Joe's podcast episodes while playing with his co-host Rory's dog. When Rory jokingly told him to "stop raping my dog," Joe responded, "See that's how I know he's not a real animal lover. Anybody with a pet, you've done a little something down there to make your dog feel good."

The allegations first surfaced after Joe's ex Cyn Santana claimed so in her court documents as she accused him of abuse. "Defendant has a male dog whom he loves and showers with attention. While most of Defendant's interactions with the dog are appropriate, I have observed on several occasions one particularly bizarre behavior by Defendant," the court documents read.

"Without putting too fine a point on it, suffice to say that Defendant has not only expressed concern for the dog's lack of a sexual partner, but has personally assumed responsibility for relieving any pent-up canine sexual tension. Defendant, for reasons I cannot fathom, has personally masturbated the dog. Defendant repeatedly states that he sees this function as his responsibility since there are no 'b****s' around to provide a sexual outlet for the dog," it continued.

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