Wendy Williams Refuses to Meet Ex Kevin Hunter's Lovechild
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Fans totally understand Wendy's strong reaction to a question regarding her ex-husband's daughter with his mistress as one notes, 'I mean, tbf why would she want to?'

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams has no plan to meet ex Kevin Hunter's lovechild. In a new interview with ET Canada, the TV personality discussed her upcoming Lifetime biopic before the conversation shifted to be about her ex-husband's cheating scandal that will play out in the TV movie.

Wendy shared of the project, "I was playing it off to my ex-husband like I still loved him and like I knew nothing and trying to be a good mother--like, I would never make the tears in front of my son." Wendy, however, revealed that she did hire a private investigator to find out what Kevin, who impregnated his mistress during his marriage to Wendy, did behind her back.

Later, she was asked if she has been introduced to Kevin's lovechild. "The baby? No, why would I want to meet her," Wendy responded fiercely. "And I don't want to know her."

Instead, Wendy noted that Kevin and his mistress Sierra's daughter "will want to meet me first." She continued, "Do you know where your father was the night that your mother was giving birth? He was with that lady on TV, Ms. Wendy. 'Cause he was with me."

Fans totally understand Wendy's reaction to the question. "I mean, tbf why would she want to? She's not gonna be raising that child and her child is an adult now I think so he should get to know his sister but she deff doesn't haven't to," one person defended the talk show host.

"She wasn't being shady, she was being honest, in her opinion. Im sure the babygirl will want to meet her...but I do hope she's not still emotionally on that situation," said someone else. "I DO NOT BLAME HER! Its not like she & him are still together," another comment read, while another person wrote, "Babies are innocent but I'm not mad at her."

Wendy and Kevin, who share 20-year-old son Kevin Jr., tied the knot in November 1997. She filed for divorce from her then-husband back in April 2019 amid cheating rumors against Kevin, and their divorce was finalized in January 2020.

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