Queen Naija Shares Video of Her Failed #BussItChallenge: 'I Don't Have Meg Knees'

Taking to Instagram Story, the singer shares a video of her attempting to do the challenge, twerking for a few seconds before giving up as she claims that she looks like 'an inch worm.'

AceShowbiz - Just like anyone else, Queen Naija joins the viral #BussItChallenge in which people are flaunting their twerking skills to Erica Banks' Billboard Hot 100 hit "Buss It". However, Queen apparently didn't have what it takes to nail the challenge.

Taking to Instagram Story, the singer shared a video of her attempting to do the challenge. Donning a pink outfit, she could be seen twerking for a few seconds before giving up. "when you test out your knees to see if you're eligible for the #bussitchallenge," she wrote in the video.

However, she admitted that she might not be blessed with the talent. "I failed .. I don't have meg knees sorry," she said, referring to Megan Thee Stallion who is known for her exceptional twerking skills even though one of her legs was shot by Tory Lanez during a physical altercation last year. "I look like an inch worm."

Fans were amused by the clip as one commented, "she sat down like 'yeah this ain't fa me.' " Poking fun at her, another fan reacted, "Her knees said "aight imma head out," while someone added, "Her knees said 'What are you doing? I'm not build for this.' "

"My good sis be roasting her self lmao I love queen," one person said. One user noted that "she rocking too hard." Meanwhile, a fan believed that Queen did a very good job. "She did it tho. nobody said u had to do it for a long time," someone commented. Echoing the sentiment, a person shared that "more than 3 pops is good."

Some others, meanwhile, trolled Queen's ex and YouTuber Chris Sails. "Next YouTube video : How I feel about queen knees going out ( it got emotional)," one of the trolls said.

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