Colorist Comment on 'Bridgerton' Actor Rege-Jean Page Makes 'Summer House' Star Issue Apology
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Reality TV star Paige DeSorbo regrets the way she described the British actor based on his skin tone when expressing her support for him to be the next James Bond.

AceShowbiz - Rege-Jean Page has found himself at the center of controversy albeit having no part in making the mistake. The actor has got an apology from "Summer House" star Paige DeSorbo after she made colorist remark about the Brit stud.

Realizing that the way she "described an actor's skin tone when describing his appearance" could be interpreted as "offensive" to others, the reality TV star has issued an apology. "I wanted to take time to sincerely apologize to anyone that I may have offended," the Bravo star said in the Sunday, January 17, episode of her "Giggly Squad" podcast.

"It was not my intention and I recognize [that] what I said was wrong," she added, before promising to be better. "I am completely committed to learning and growing, so I just wanted to take time today and sincerely apologize for my words from last week. I'm very sorry."

Paige's co-host and fellow Summer House star Hannah Berner also took responsibility for not calling out Paige right away over the remark. "Because we are the Giggly Squad and we are a team, I also want to apologize for not saying anything in the moment," the 29-year-old said. "But as the Giggly Squad, we own our s**t and we are committed to [continuing] to learn - also to unlearn - and to [continuing] to grow."

Hannah claimed that she and Paige were on a "journey to educate ourselves" and recommended that their fans, who also want to educate themselves on the issue, watch a documentary called "Dark Girls". "It's beautifully made and we can't just recommend it enough, especially if you want to further educate yourself," she described it.

Paige previously weighed in on rumors that Rege has been touted by fans as the next James Bond following the success of his Netflix series "Bridgerton". Showing her support for the actor's casting, the New York native said in an episode of her podcast he would make a great Bond because "he's real British [and] he's light-skinned."

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