Sherrick's Widow Questions Wendy Williams' Rape Allegations: 'It's Hard to Believe'
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Lynne Conner Smith says that the talk show host should let her late husband 'rest in peace' because he's 'not here to defend himself' against the 'painful' accusations.

AceShowbiz - Sherrick's widow Lynne Conner Smith has responded after Wendy Williams accused her late husband of date rape. The talk show host came forward with the allegations against the R&B star earlier this week during a panel discussion with reporters for her upcoming biopic "Wendy Williams: The Movie".

Lynne questioned the timing of Wendy's allegations, telling Page Six, "Why would Wendy not call the police if it were true?" She went on doubting the actress claims, "Why did she go out with him? We have questions, too!"

The film producer noted that Wendy "waited 25 to 30 years" to speak up, accusing her of telling "the truth as a career!" Lynne added, "It's hard to believe," before reiterating her question, "Why now?!"

Lynne further doubted Wendy's claims as she remembered her late husband as "a beautiful man, a genius with a voice like an angel." She shared, "We have three amazing children," noting that "this is quite painful to not only us but his nieces and siblings."

Wendy told reporters on Tuesday, January 12 that she was raped by Sherrick after meeting during an interview in the 1980s. "[Sherrick] mesmerized me with his twinkling eyes," she recalled their encounter.

"He flipped the interview around to where he was interviewing me - I was just gaga over this man and he asked me to go to an opening party, an album release party, with him that night," Wendy detailed. She then claimed that "before the party, I was date raped" by the "Just Call" singer.

Claiming that it wasn't the only time she experienced such harrowing thing as she said that she was also date raped when she was in college, the 56-year-old expressed her solidarity to other sexual abuse victims, "Those types of things happen to girls all the time. And they've been happening a lot, to a lot of our mothers, grandmothers, great-great-grandmothers and their great-great-grandmothers, too."

Sherrick died in 1999 at 41 years old.

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