Tatum O'Neal's Son Marries Fiancee Following Heartbreaking Miscarriage

Sean McEnroe, the son of Tatum O'Neal and John McEnroe, is officially a married man as he kicks off the New Year by tying the knot with his fiancee Niamh in a private ceremony.

AceShowbiz - Sean McEnroe, the son of Tatum O'Neal and tennis ace John McEnroe, is married.

The 32 year old has revealed he and his wife, Niamh, tied the knot in September (20) in Sedona, Arizona.

"We decided to keep it private until now," he tells People. "We went through a lot of challenges and difficulties this past year. Niamh was pregnant in the fall but lost the baby at the end of her first trimester. It was devastating but in the end, it's made us closer and stronger. And our bond is better than it's ever been."

Sean credits his new bride with helping him piece his life back together following a breakdown in 2019.

"Niamh gave me a foundation of faith and hope, through her resolute unwavering example, a rooted foundation that I wasn't even close to having at the time," McEnroe explains. "Everything that I am now, I owe to her."

Sean proposed to Niamh in February 2020. He credited her for supporting him during one of his most difficult times as he recounted, "When Niamh first came to live with me in LA two years ago, I had one of the worst breakdowns of my life. I don't remember exactly what set me off, but it was something related to my family and traumas from my childhood. It was one of the most challenging emotional experiences I've ever had."

"I remember taking a huge crystal and throwing it as hard as I could through a painting, which also went through the wall, leaving a huge hole," he continued. "I took a ficus plant and ripped it apart completely by the roots."

"She gently and quietly started putting the plant back together. She picked up all of the broken leaves and stems and swept up all of the soil and put it all back into the pot. And once she had finished meticulously putting everything back together, she came over to me. I don't remember what she said, but she rubbed by back and was speaking very gently, and I let go of the clenching grip I had on one of the stems. I let go."

"Niamh and I have that ficus in our bedroom now, right next to our bed. It's three times the size it was then. I was 100% certain I had destroyed the plant at the time," he added. "But slowly, she nursed it back to life. Miraculously. When the plant was fully healthy again, I couldn’t believe it."

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