Judi Dench Calls on Government to Invest in Dementia Research

The 'Philomena' actress is rallying to raise funding for dementia research, asking her followers to sign a petition calling on the government to invest in the study.

AceShowbiz - Dame Judi Dench is urging people to sign a petition to support dementia research funding.

The "Skyfall" star is just one of the famous faces backing Alzheimer's Research UK, who has called for the government to invest in dementia research.

"Having portrayed someone with Alzheimer's in the film Iris and having seen the impact of dementia on people around me, I'm sadly all too aware of how painful, cruel and unforgiving this condition can be," she said in a statement. "Not only on the person affected, but their friends and family too, as dementia can turn the relationships we hold most dearly upside down."

She continued, "It is heartbreaking and we must take action. A promise was made by the government to double its funding for dementia research, to help bring an end to the long and desperate wait for a new treatment."

"With that vow came hope for everyone affected by dementia. But that hope is fading while the government fails to deliver the funding so greatly needed. We cannot let this commitment be forgotten. Please stand with us and hold the government to account on its promise by signing Alzheimer's Research UK's petition today."

Broadcaster and presenter Stephen Fry is also encouraging people to sign the Alzheimer's Research UK's petition, with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the need for more research.

Stephen added, "With the right investment, scientists will make the breakthroughs we so desperately need for people with dementia. Government made a promise to accelerate these efforts when it pledged to double funding for dementia research. Now we need to ensure the government delivers on this promise, so please sign Alzheimer's Research UK's petition."

If you would like to sign the petition, you can do so here: alzres.uk/sign-our-petition

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