New 'The Batman' Set Photos Give First Look at Batcave
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Built in a separate section of a studio lot, the secret headquarters of the Caped Crusader features an artificial rock cliff that makes up the outside of the Batcave.

AceShowbiz - Batman's secret headquarters is not so secret anymore, at least to fans of the upcoming movie. New photos from the set of "The Batman" have leaked online, giving first look at Matt Reeves' version of Batcave for Robert Pattinson's title character.

Aerial shots obtained by Daily Mail revealed production crew of the movie were busily preparing the set in a studio lot on Tuesday, November 24. The distinct building of Batman features an artificial rock cliff that makes up the outside of the Batcave.

The top of the cliffs have been decorated by small trees to exaggerate how large the cliffside actually is. A large pit was built into the makeshift rock face and while what's inside the Batcave was not visible from the outside, the place is surrounded by large pool of water.

'The Batman' Set Photo

'The Batman' set photo revealed Batcave.

In different section of the studio lot, the crew were transforming the outdoor space into Gotham City. There were a number of buildings which were painted to appear as if they were burnt-out. One part of the set features a large steel gate and doors as part of the Gotham Harbour Iceberg Fishing co., which could be one of The Penguin's hideouts.

Abandoned cars and piles of rubbish were strewn across the streets to show Gotham City's grim nature. Meanwhile, a lot of crew members were working on an ice rink which was about to be turned into part of Gotham City, but it was still covered by snow.

"The Batman" recently faced another setback after a stuntman tested positive for COVID-19. According to The Sun, the performer, who was part of a bubble with nine other crew members, may not return to set until 2021 as they all quarantine ahead of the Christmas break.

Filming, however, is still underway as lead actor Robert Pattinson and the film's crew are unaffected by the positive test. They, however, reportedly admitted that the situation was still "pretty disastrous."

"The Batman" is currently set for a March 4, 2022 release date.

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