Ice Cube Dragged for Asking Why people Are Mad at Him Following Trump Meeting

The rapper has been criticized over his decision to assist Trump's team with his Contract with Black America (CWBA), though he insists that he's still indecisive about his political stance.

AceShowbiz - Ice Cube landed in hot water after he assisted President Donald Trump's campaign despite saying that he doesn't endorse the Republican candidate. The rapper, however, didn't seem to understand where the backlash came from as he took to his Twitter account to question the fallout of his political foray.

"Let me get this straight," he wrote on Thursday, November 5. "I get the president of the United States to agree to put over half a trillion dollars of capital in the Black Community (without an endorsement) and N****s are mad at me? Have a nice life."

Instead of clearing things out, Ice Cube's tweet only earned him further backlash. One of the critics was journalist Roland S. Martin who believed that the hip-hop star was being played by Trump. "The only problem @icecube is that you didn't get Trump to put $500 billion of capital in Black communities. It's a lie. It's ONE LINE on the cover sheet of his so-called Platinum Plan. No specifics. NOTHING. Bruh, you got played," Martin wrote.

"Why do I know you got played @icecube? I've talked to numerous Black Republicans who currently work with the administration and THEY said the $500 billion 'commitment' is a joke," he went on to say in a separate tweet. "You're just wrong, bruh."

Similarly, someone else added, "No. We're mad at you because everything you think you 'got,' was fairy dust. And in the attempt, you validated a racist monster and got him votes. You were used as a political prop to masterful effect. Trump doesn't keep his promises to ANYONE! Most especially not us."

"The problem is you actually thought you got Trump to agree to anything, when his base think people that look like you are the problem," one user wrote. "N***s that won't invest a dime or time into our communities," another person wrote to Ice Cube.

However, some others jumped to the rapper's defense. "They don't get it Cube. I hate Trump but if he's gonna help it's a good thing. It's called business. How many times have people worked for a shitty boss? Do they quit? Nope. They suck it up to put food on the table," a defender said. Someone else also thought that "its smart to work with both sides to gain representation. In the end black folks need to learn from white folks take care of your economic needs of your people first then justice will come."

Following the backlash over his decision to assist Trump's team with his Contract with Black America (CWBA), Ice Cube previously explained that he was still indecisive about his political stance. "I'm a real true undecided voter because they're not doing enough," he claimed. "Both sides are lacking, and they gotta do better."

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