Little Willow shares her wishes when she's asked by her famous mother about her pick for the next President of the United States as the country are awaiting the election results.

AceShowbiz - Pink's daughter Willow, nine, has named her pick for the next President of the United States.

The singer posted a video of herself asking Willow who she wants to win the election on her social media pages, with the youngster confident in her choice of POTUS.

"Joe Biden... 'cause he's good,' " Willow responds.

The "What About Us" singer went on to share her hope that "no matter who wins the election that we can all figure out a way to be nicer to each other. That's what I hope."

"Do you think that's fair? Do you think that people should learn how to disagree and still be kind?" Pink, real name Alecia Beth Moore, asked her daughter, who nodded her head yes. "That's what I wish."

She then asked Willow what her biggest wish was, to which she told her mum, "Well, my biggest wish is to go to Hogwarts," before adding that she wished "peace" for everyone.

Pink has been using her platform to encourage her followers to vote and has publicly lent her support to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Pink is also among celebrities who have been criticizing Trump during his presidency. Earlier this year, she said, "How can anyone call themself a patriot or American if you re-elect a president that doesn't govern, respect, or represent half of our country?"

"That's not America. That's your America. It's not America," she continued. "So you either worship the confederate flag, which is not our flag and it never will be. Or you're a hypocrite that doesn’t actually understand the meaning of patriotism or what it means to be an American."

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