Eminem Backs Joe Biden by Authorizing 'Lose Yourself' Use in New Campaign Ad
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Inspired by the lyrics of the rapper's classic '8 Mile' track, the 45-second spot titled 'One Opportunity' features footage from the presidential hopeful's rally in his native Michigan.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Eminem has given U.S. presidential hopeful Joe Biden permission to use his classic "8 Mile" track for a new campaign ad, which debuted on Monday (November 02), on the eve of the general election.

The 45-second spot's title, "One Opportunity", is inspired by the lyrics of "Lose Yourself" and features images of people voting, as well as footage from Biden's rally in Eminem's native Michigan.

Eminem has shared the new ad on Twitter, adding the caption, "One opportunity... #Vote."

It's a big step for the rap star, who successfully sued New Zealand's National Party campaign managers for sampling the song for a political ad back in 2014.

Eminem has always been vocal about his opposition to Biden's opponent, current U.S. leader Donald Trump - he criticized the businessman-turned-politician in his song "Campaign Speech" and attacked Trump in a freestyle during his song "Framed" at the BET Awards.

Eminem isn't the only artist who has given his permission for his song to be used for political purpose. Taylor Swift recently let U.S. politician Eric Swalwell use her music in a new ad aimed at boosting voter turn-out ahead of the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

The pop star's track "Only the Young" features in the latest ad for the Democrat's Remedy PAC organization, which also features a quote about voter suppression from vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris. The video includes a montage of powerful social and political scenes that took place within the past four years under current President Trump's first term.

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