The 'Un-break My Heart' hitmaker apparently notices the backlash and later clarifies in a new Twitter post that she doesn't mean to hurt the fan's feelings with her reply.

AceShowbiz - Toni Braxton is one of the greatest vocalists that people think it will be an honor to have her singing at their wedding. One of the fans expressed it in a Twitter post, but the response she got from Toni wasn't necessarily pleasant.

"If I ever get married I want @tonibraxton to sing as I'm walking down the aisle," so the fan tweeted on Monday, August 17. The "Un-break My Heart" singer caught wind of the tweet and simply responded, "Start Saving."

It didn't take long before people attacked Toni for the apparent rude response. "uh un don't do too much , we can easily replace you with [Mary J. Blige] tf. Humble yourself sweetness," one naysayer wrote. "These celebrities act like us normal folks can't afford they savings. we the reason they got a job," another fan commented.

"wow really... what chu doin sis? Cause I know you ain't booked and busy...," said another online user. Echoing the sentiment, one added, "Saving?....Toni you ain't had a hit since I was 10 in the year 2000, you should be on clearance by now."

Shading Tony's financial state, someone wrote, "As many times as Toni filed bankruptcy...she has a lot of nerve assuming someone's pocket. Ol girl might have more money than her." A fan also blasted Toni for being "so rude to a FAN that is showing you love for absolutely no reason."

Toni noticed the backlash and clarified that she didn't mean to hurt the fan's feelings with her reply. "This blew up. Eek. I meant it with love. I don't have a soundcloud so stream Dance," she explained.

However, some fans didn't buy her words as one of them insisted, "Girl no you didn't." One other accused Toni of changing her tune because of the backlash, writing, "Na she just got negative feedback it wasn't love when u said it, it was greed."

"Damn. Not even an ounce of humble in that reaction...that was kinda Ew. She could've mentioned ANY other bomb singer... not even an ounce of humble...smh," said another critic.

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