Brandy Believes It Is 'Crucial' for 'Moesha' Reboot to Happen Right Now

The singer-and-actress, who played the titular teen for six seasons until 2001, confirms she is in advanced talks to revive the beloved 1990s sitcom on the heels of a successful Netflix revival.

AceShowbiz - Brandy has confirmed she is in advanced talks to revive her beloved 1990s sitcom "Moesha".

The singer-and-actress played the titular teen for six seasons until 2001 on the small screen, and now that the show has seen a successful revival on Netflix this month, television bosses are very keen to make a reboot.

"I am in talks right now with the right people for that to happen," Brandy told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't see it not happening because of the success on Netflix. It just makes sense. I mean, I wanted to see what 'Moesha' was up to."

Amid the Black Lives Matter movement, Brandy feels passionate that "Moesha" will spread a positive message.

"We need to see that. We need to see a black family," she stressed. "I think that's crucial right now, and it was crucial then."

As talks on the reboot advance, Brandy, 41, is taking a walk down memory lane by rewatching episodes of "Moesha" on Netflix with her 18-year-old daughter, Sy'Rai.

"I am so blown away by that," she gushed. "I was braiding my daughter's hair the other day, and she wanted to watch the episode where 'Moesha' met Brandy, me."

"I don't really have a lot of memory of 'Moesha' because I was so young and it was happening so fast. So to be able to watch it with my daughter is just so special for me."

"Moesha" is currently streaming on Netflix as part of the platform's Strong Black Lead collection.

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