Desiigner Ridiculed for Claiming Coronavirus Is 'Gone'

In a video the rapper shares on social media, he explains how he is convinced that the deadly virus is fake by pointing out the fact that he hasn't gotten sick despite being outside.

AceShowbiz - Desiigner does not think that the pandemic is still ongoing. Despite the daily rise in cases, the rapper believes that the coronavirus is gone, and he's not afraid to share his opinion with the world even though it eventually results in him getting ridiculed by people on the Internet.

He took to social media to share a video of him hanging out by the pool together with some friends, trying to prove that he's doing just fine despite violating the health protocol. "Yo, no funny. Corona is fake, gone, bro. No funny s**t. Enjoy life. No cap. We ain't even on that type of vibe," he said. "Corona shit, man. Honestly, that corona shit is BS. You feel me? I ain't get sick yet. I been outside, healthy."

Naturally, many people argued with him and not a few even went as far as ridiculing him. "He mistook rona for his career cos thats the only thing finished," one said, before urging other to weak masks outside. Referring to his hit song "Panda", another person commented, "He dropped panda then hit that panda express and ain't never heard from him again."

Someone speculated that Desiigner would contract the virus pretty soon, "2 weeks he gon be on this joint asking us to pray for him," while an individual wrote, "What an ignorant and insensitive thing to say when there's literally people fighting for their life due to COVID-19 right now. Stop trying to sound woke. I assure anyone who thinks it’s a hoax that this virus is VERY real." Meanwhile, one more person added, "I can't stress enough how dumb y'all sound saying this. the stupidity is damn near violent."

Desiigner has yet to respond to the criticism. Meanwhile, as of Monday, there have been 4,649,102 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States.

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