Kane Brown Got Lost for Hours While Exploring the Woods Behind His Home

The country music singer is forced to call the cops as he needs rescuing after failing to find his way back when he was exploring the woods behind his house.

AceShowbiz - Kane Brown had a search party sent after him when he got lost in the woods for seven hours.

The country singer, who is dad to 10-month-old baby girl Kingsley with wife Katelyn, told U.S. TV show "Extra" the couple were recently rescued by the police after getting lost on their own land.

"Yeah, we got lost for seven hours. We have 30 acres and it's all woods," he revealed. "We made our own trail and then it started raining and it started getting dark and we were running out of gas… and we live by all these cliffs…"

"We ran into a drop-off, so we ended up having to call the cops and walk down," the "Heaven" star shared, adding, "Kate thought I was just trying to get out of unpacking boxes because it was literally the first day we moved in."

While his navigation skills may not be up to scratch, Kane insisted fatherhood is right up his street, telling the outlet, "It's amazing. The quarantine sucks, but it's kind of cool, too, because I get to see her grow, got to see her two bottom teeth come…"

"Seeing her personality change and how happy of a baby she is. When she smiles, it just melts my heart. It's been awesome.”

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